Our Investment in The Wound Company

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3 min readJun 15, 2023

By Dr. Derick En’Wezoh, Investor at Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is excited to announce our investment in The Wound Company — the first multi-channel, on-demand care delivery platform, sold B2B into payers and providers, to support patients with wound and ostomy needs. Wound and ostomy care is a $46B market in the US that is driven by our rapidly aging population and chronic diseases and is ripe for disruption.

The Wound Company recently announced its launch from stealth with $4.25M in seed funding from Susa Ventures and Sozo Ventures. We are thrilled to welcome repeat healthcare founder and seasoned operator, Nima Ahmadi; practicing General Surgeon, Dr. Sanford Roberts; and the rest of the team at The Wound Company to the Susa Family!

The Wound Company (Left to Right): Dr. Sanford Roberts (CMO & Co-Founder), Rita Ritchie (Head of Operations), Julie Roskamp (Head of Care Delivery), Nima Ahmadi (CEO & Co-Founder)

Susa Ventures is a growing family of dreamers and builders. We are an early-stage venture capital firm that has been investing at the leading edge of healthcare since our inception. Our portfolio, which includes innovative healthcare companies like Viz.ai — a unicorn in AI-powered disease detection and care coordination — demonstrates our deep commitment to helping founders build and commercialize new technologies that improve healthcare access and outcomes while accelerating the pace of medical innovation.

We first met Nima and Dr. Roberts early in their journey and they immediately captured our excitement with their vision. The wound and ostomy care industry is broken and riddled with significant unmet needs impacting more than 13 million patients annually. Perverse incentives and a fee-for-service world push expensive interventions that may help the bottom line but too often leave patients alone and unprepared for the costly and painful wound-healing journey that follows. Patients and other providers have difficulty accessing experts in wound and ostomy care and interactions are frequently limited to one-and-done touchpoints too late in the healing process rather than intervening early and remaining in a continuous relationship until wounds heal.

Nima, a repeat healthcare founder and seasoned operator; and Dr. Roberts, a practicing and Penn-trained General Surgeon; envisioned a new tech-enabled, continuous, empathy-led, and outcomes-oriented approach to wound care. Their wound and ostomy care platform combines telehealth from wound specialists, a patient mobile app, a provider dashboard, and personalized wound supplies together into a simple, all-in-one platform to improve wound and ostomy care.

Nima and Dr. Roberts’ backgrounds coupled with severe staffing shortages of wound specialists, increased adoption of telehealth driven by the pandemic, and increased adoption of value-based care, have poised them well to build a modern, innovative wound care platform. The Wound Company enables access to experts for providing care, monitoring wound healing, triaging wound problems, and recommending wound and ostomy supplies.

The Wound Company has been growing quickly. While in stealth, The Wound Company rapidly partnered with health plans, health systems, home care providers, hospice providers, and patients. Further, The Wound Company has demonstrated a significant improvement in access to wound care and measurable improvements in wound healing.

Wound and ostomy care costs our US healthcare system over $46 billion annually. It has become critical for healthcare providers and institutions to generate cost-savings. Notably, the Wound Company has become the category leader in multi-channel, on-demand wound care and is demonstrating marked savings for health plans — between 15–20% savings in the total cost of care for wound and ostomy patients, which is substantial for Medicare and Medicaid health plans.

We are thrilled to partner with the team at The Wound Company as they make recovering from surgery and wound healing comfortable and cost-effective for patients.



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